Project Brief

Integrated utility application for field technicians

The ulitmate aim for the client was to consolidate their systems and processes into one database and eliminate the need for paper-based forms. The technicians had to juggle multiple mediums in order to move through the customer engagement, now everything including capturing images is handled by th app.


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  • Discovery/ Wireframes/ Prototype
  • Technical Specification
  • Integration to the current database
  • iOS and Android


  • Strategy/ Planning
  • UX/UI Design
  • Engineering

The Challenge

Utilising legacy tech.

The business has been a well known brand in South East Queensland for over 30 years. The MicroSoft Access database system they have in place have served them well however it is fast becoming necessary to switch to alternative to support a mobile workforce.

Our brief however was to utilise Access as the application database as running a seperate system was not viable or efficient. We migrated the Access database from an on-premise server to the cloud to fulfil this requirement. Access would not be the first choice as an app database however with some creative input from our engineering team we have been able to harness its power effectively.


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This project had many ‘moving parts’ in respect to the functionality. Not only should it perform the duties whilst the technician was doing the job, but also communicate job status, quoting , invoicing, and other general business management requirements.

It was imperative we received well-considered feedback from the field technicians before building the platform that was going to be the only tool they would use to go about their work. We provided a prototype for them to step through the various user flows and provide their input on how they would like to use the app.

The Solution

A better user experience.

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