Too often, businesses emphasise usability at the expense of usefulness. Discovery sets the tone for building highly engaging digital platforms.

Discovery is a journey, from ideas through to outcomes.

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    Determine the purpose

    What problems are we solving? What is purpose of the product & how does it aligns with business goals? What are the business outcomes?

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    Who are the users, and what do they need?

    Create user persona’s. Develop high level features that address the user problems in a useful and usable way. Deep dive into user stories.

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    Conceptualise the product solutions.

    Communicate and justify a product’s concept with user journeys, wireframes, and mockups.

If you are ready, lets get started!

Have you ever launched a new website only to find the old one performed better?

Pretty new designs do not gaurantee a bump in performance metrics. Discovery is about digging deep into what your customers want solved, and analysing how current assets can be improved to better communicate your value propositions.


You know what your audience needs, Discovery puts tangible shape to your ideas.

Our Discovery Workshop is structured to lead you through transforming problems into solutions, and ideas into funtionality. Our team apply decades of knowledge across disciplines to conceptulise solutions and document actionable strategy which frames the next phases of design and development.

Our Approach

We go down the rabbit hole to tease out as many of the problems your customers face, and understand what pathways they ideally follow to have them resolved.

Knowing your audience is key to developing a valuable solutions strategy. We develop key user groups to understand their pains, and what motivates them in making buying decisions.

Through our learnings we ideate solutions and commit them to their visual beginning in the form of user flows and wireframes. Post workshop we spend many hours refining this into a slick asset document

We have a process that works.

Deep dive the opportunity

Every great product no matter what format it takes- at the core solves a particular problem for the consumer who buys it, and then hopefully advocates for it. We go back to basics, armed with Post-It notes and a whiteboard, and pull apart the problems facing your target audience.

Who are your ideal customers

The logical follow to identifying what the problem, is who are our customers- what are their pains & gains? This can take the form of multiple user archetypes, or creating user/customer persona’s. This process helps guide the solutions requirements, and creates a valuable set of standards for future product iterations to ensure consistency in deliverables.

How do we solve these problems

We step into broad discussions on how could we resolve these problems, in a way that would provide great value for our target audience. We keep this high level at this point and restrain from diving straight into the technical details, this allows us to think freely and develop ideas from a utopian viewpoint.

What could solutions look like

Having compiled a set of desirable resolutions, we now start to explore how technology fits into the solution profile. This is where our expertise really kicks in, we discuss possible features and functions and the feasibilities of each idea. Our experience generally produces some gems inside the workshop, and also other challenges that require deeper thinking which happens post workshop.

Early-stage visualisation

Now that we are getting places on developing solutions, we start to put some shape around how this works into the user journey. Focussing on the feature/function ideas we have start to assemble preliminary user-flows and wireframes. This is great validation for all workshop participants to feel like we are making progress in the right direction.


An important aspect of any product build is if it is required to make money- how are we going to ensure every revenue opportunity is realised. We discuss options for monetising your platform and conversion optimisation strategies.

Look & Feel

For almost every product, brand is a very important consideration in the UI Design process, we get ahead of this early so that any initial mockups we may produce are in line with the brand, style guidelines, and key messaging.

What comes next…

We wrap up the workshop session by talking through the project processes and what to expect. We then go through a deep and considered process of expanding on the information we have curated with further research and discussion. Under the instructions of our Business Analyst, our design team starts here with creating style guides, concepts, and mock-ups based on the solutions created in the workshop. This usually takes approximately 20 days to complete, at which time we meet with you and present a carefully compiled presentation, and discuss next steps.

In Case You Were Wondering....

35% of projects fail to meet business objects because of inaccurate requirements gathering

With digital and software projects potentially costing in the multiple hundreds of thousands of $$$, meticulous discovery and planning are not only the backbone of any successful project, it is also an insurance policy greatly mitigating against delivering a product that completely misses the mark.

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