Project Brief

This start up comapny had a vision to provide local Noosa business with a platform to attract tourists to engage with them. The big problem identified was that if a business was not located on the popular Hastings Street strip, they could be virtually invisible. With many high nett worth people holidaying in Noosa locals wanted to be visible to present their goods and services


Village Vibes


  • Figma Wireframes
  • Figma prototype
  • Full web app build
  • Advertising engine
  • Speed optimisation


  • Branding
  • UX/UI Design
  • Technology

The Challange

Being a brand new business we needed to create a brand that was versatile, across many different applications- shop windows through to billboards.

Village Vibes wanted their clients to be able to self serve for their advertising so BZ scoped a complete advertising frontend andf management dashboard, with complex options across tiered pricing and ad product.

The overall design had to be appealing to the tourist market and easy to navigate across many different business categories. We also wanted to monitor interactions so we had to conceptualise how best to track conversions without hindering the user experience.


BZ decided to prototype the proposed solution so the our Village Vibes client could visualise the concepts and make informed strategic decisions on how the product would eventually perform.

Creating high fidelity prototype designs are extremely useful in ensuring that the solution is fit for purpose and addresses the needs of the user. It is far easier to iterate changes in early design phase rather than after the back end has been completed.

BZ prototypes are virtually ‘build-ready’ and easily transfer from prototype to approved artwork.

The Solution

A better user experience.

The result was a highly functional web app that performed like a native mobile application, great user experience was delivered through well considered design and user flow/user journey planning.

The advertising portal allowed the client to easily manage their advertising campaign timings, spend allocations, and upload creative assets for the Village Vibes compliance team to review and publish.

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