Project Brief

Their website had been in service for 10+ years and was long overdue for a design refresh. In addition it was running a Joomla CMS which had been becoming increasingly unserviceable due to the vast number of customisations- which presents security threats. These customisations were required to be replicated and carried across to the new platform as their large sales team relies on the lead gen distribution capabilities as their primary source of revenue.


Titan Garages


  • Custom designed and built web platform
  • All pages designed specific to client requirements
  • Product category pages complete with product downloads
  • Replicate and improve current custom functionality
  • Utilise popular CMS for ease of management internally


  • UI/UX Design
  • Engineering
  • DevOps

The Challenge

Titan Garages are a household name in Queensland's building industry, delivering 3000+ new garages and sheds every year. The website did not adequately communicate this, product content was this and it was believed they could be losing ground to competitors based on an average user experience.

The Solution

We worked closely with their team on understanding how best to present their various products and the options available, and how best to structure the content to drive qualified leads to their sales teams.

We established the information architecture and then moved onto wireframing each page individually to deliver the information the user required to be able to take the next step in the sales process. As their brand is strong we also ensured the user could make no mistake in recognising they were viewing the Titan Garages website- helping to tie in significant above the line marketing and advertising strategy as well as their social media strategy.


Launching the new web platform also required some migration of their sales and admin staff across as seamlessly as possible. We minimised disruption as much as possible through directly engaging with staff who were not keen on the big changes happening and assisted with familiarising them with the new way of going about their work.

Their current server infrastructure was not set up adequately to host the new platform, and as such BZ manage the delivery of services.

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