Take the guesswork out of developing your product, test your assumptions with real market feedback.

Why validate your concept?

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    Establish market need

    Top 3 in reasons startups fail is- no market need. Validation may help you to avoid the graveyard of products that should have never been.

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    Expand your horizons

    This process not only will give you perspective on future success, participant feedback can help you refine your product offering.

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    Investors LOVE it!

    It’s a big part of what helps investors sleep at night. Knowing the concept has been rigorously tested in the real world, speaks volumes!

If you are ready, lets get started!

Have you spent a lot of time developing your concept, but still don't have all the answers?

You cannot be expected to know every ingredient required for success. Our process can help remove the blindspots in product development with real market inputs.


Need to get your team onboard with a new product or company direction?

Our validation process is not just for start-ups- we work with established businesses looking to pivot or expand, to give them the confidence their new direction has merit.

Our Approach

We take a deep dive into your audience personas, target markets, and user data to develop critical goals, assumptions, and hypotheses.

We deploy large scale online surveys to broadly validate, then analyse & refine for audience interviews to drill into key areas.

Our team pull apart the data to provide unbiased analytic observations to enable you to decide on directions and next steps.

We have an approach that works

We understand your needs

Just as every concept, product, and business has a uniqueness in what it wants to achieve- the people key to the success have individual goals that also must be met. We simply meet and discuss the finer points to understand the objectives, and then offer our thoughts on strategy and direction. If we are a fit, we start work!

Establish goals, assumptions, and hypotheses

We look first at establishing goals and objectives for the product. Assumptions are then compiling, we then assign each assumption rankings on importance to the goals, and whether we have/can find evidence readily or not. This process distils down to the key assumptions, that have no evidence, which forms the basis of our market surveys.

Survey the market

Identifying our key assumptions that we require evidence for will guide our broad market approach. One of many methods we may use are online surveys- we define a geotargeted audience and deploy a highly structured questionnaire. Fun Fact- with the platforms we use, we can have 1000’s of completed surveys ready for review in 24 hours!

Conduct targeted interviews

Our team compiles the first round of market data to identify the wins, and also see where we need further clarity. Using this analysis we again develop a highly structured format for conducting personal interviews with persons who fit the target audience persona’s. These interviews can produce highly prized soundbites that we have seen greatly enhance or completely alter the direction our client’s product or business.

Just breathe… and analysis the data

With the heavy-lifting now done it is time to look at the bigger picture again and interpret what the data we have gathered is telling us. We critically analyse every query and every answer which develops into themes that can be applied in a real and practical capacity. Our designers style a professional report document, with all elements easily transferred into white papers and pitch decks.

In Case You Were Wondering....

The single biggest reason Start Up's fail is lack of product/market fit. 42% of companies that failed reported "no market need" for their product.

If you create a product or service that people don't need or want, ultimately your business will fail. So it is prudent that before you start building your product you make sure it will be something that your target market wants.

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