With 250+ billion app downloads globally in 2021, there has never been a better time to add value to your customer experience strategy.

We do it all, and do it very well.

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    Scoping & Design

    We intimately understand your product, goals & objectives and apply all that we understand to our UI design process.

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    Develop & Deploy

    Our full stack engineering team produce industry leading platforms- fully coded inhouse.

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    Full Projects + On Demand

    Our flexible team structure allows us to assign teams for large scale projects, down to resourcing for a single resource on an hourly rate.

If you are ready, lets get started!

Our speciality are productivity platforms, designed for business efficiency.

Whilst we love creating apps for education, social & entertainment, our core competency is building productivity apps that are finely tuned to provide greater profitability for businesses.


Have a great idea for a start-up? We are here to help- from concept through to raising capital.

We can assist founders through the journey of defining their product, building prototypes and moving into full builds. We have a trusted network of investors who are always keen to get across ideas that could be the next Unicorn!

Our Approach

We seek to understand and document the issues your audience face, and look for creative solutions that deliver a valued user experience to your audience.

Our designers are involved across the complete journey of a user's interaction with a product. We focus on all aspects of a product's development, including design, usability, function, and even branding and marketing.

We value our client relationships so whether it be a full end-to-end new platform build, or feature development on your existing app, you liaise with our most senior staff.

We have a process that works.

Product Discovery

We convene a workshop process that helps you and your team refine the ideas, and define business objectives and goals. Our team gains a deep understanding of the real user problems, and then land on the best way to solve them.

UX Design & Prototyping

Our discovery produces userflows and wireframes which guides our design team in mocking up screens and associated interactions. We deploy our design features to a prototype creating a staged user experience, allowing you to make refinements in a simulated


Our development team take the wheel and produce the front end and back code that is the product engine. Mobile app development is the largest body of work inside the project scope, and for BZ is an iterative process. If you are familiar with Agile methodology, you have probably heard the term Sprints or Scrum. This is where we divide the engineering requirements into smaller milestones and build ther app in a series of cycles. Each cycle will include refinement, planning, development, testing/QA, review, and retrospective.

User Acceptance Testing

This is where our clients, beta testers, or both are provided a staged version of the app to scrutinise the product in a ‘real world’ environment. We want to ensure all deliverables are satisfied (client approval) and that the end-to-end userflows work flawlessly. Building custom platforms wil always produce instances of bugs and errors, so we want to resolve these prior to deploying to the app stores.


BZ handle the full process of deploying your app to Apple App Store, and Google Play. This is a detailed process of signing you up for the Apple Developer Program and preparing your app for submission. WecCreate your App Store listing complete with copy and App Store screenshots. Once all requirements are fulfilled we submit your app and handle any issues that arise with the publishers, on your behalf.

Maintenance & further development

We not only keep your app live and available through our enterprise hosting, BZ maintain your app by implementing monitoring tools, such as- Crashlytics, Google Analytics, Firebase. We can detect crash events, track product analytics, and use data to plan for further product development. BZ will work with you to evolve your product through creating a product roadmap, based on business objectives and also user feedback & requests. As your app is built from the ground up we are able to deliver new features with little friction or limitations.

In Case You Were Wondering....

In 2020, eMarketer reported that adult smartphone users will spend about 4 hours per day using mobile internet, with 88% of that time spent utilising mobile apps, rather than browsers like Safari and Google Chrome.

If there ever was a good reason to build an app- this is it. If your business can service new and existing customers through an app, BZ can build a great engaging experience which will put you lightyears ahead of your competition.

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