What looks beautiful doesnt always add value to website conversion rates. We strike a balance between design asthetics, and functional performance to deliver a great user experience.

How to make your website stand out.

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    Bespoke design

    We never use template designs- ever. We want our clients to stand out from the noise, we hand design every page of a new website.

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    Build for performance

    We have a full stack developer crew who can build on your preferred platform/CMS. Sites are hand coded for peak perfomance.

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    Launch fully optimised

    A new website is a great opportunity to align your content and rank highly in Google. Our SEO program has 10+ years of proven success.

If you are ready, lets get started!

Flexible backend that puts control in your hands, and your money in your pocket.

Because we custom build websites our scoping process identifies key areas where we can build editing functions so you update independantly- even with WordPress!


We delight our clients through maintaining full transparency and open dialogue.

We don’t hide our code under multiple layers of security, nor do we lockdown system foundations. We use open source platforms, and assign the source code to you on project completion. You have freedom to choose a new provider at any time- out retention strategy is based on providing great service,and not impounding your assets.

Our Approach

Whether it is a design refresh or a full rebuild, we commence each project with a discovery session to ensure we capture all of the requirements.

We individually design every page, as it is the only way to create a refined user journey and deliver a great user experience.

Our team of developers and engineers hand code using only what is required to produce the desired outcomes so that website performance is always at its peak.

We have a process that works.

Discovery Session

We spend a few hours with you and your team to understand the business objectives and how the new website needs to deliver with these KPI’s. Most clients have a website they are replacing, we conduct a thorough review on what works well historically, and where the gaps are. Finally we analyse your top competitors so that we can launch your new website with full SEO creds ready to outrank them.


We commence with the information architecture, and structure the content in a meaningful way to ensure users find the answers to their problems. At the top this commences with a sitemap, pulling together a content plan, wireframing key pages for initial approvals and then furnishing fully designed page layouts ready for hand-off to our developer team.


Our development team assumes responsibility for producing the website platform, taking all we have produced from discovery through to design and coding the new web platform by hand. Whilst we recommend Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, we do not use templated/pre-coded packages, and minimise the use of plugins- opting to build the feature avoiding unnecessary code being used. We launch the new website privately to a staging server where we can hand over to you for the initial review.

User Acceptance Testing

This is where our clients are now able to scrutinise the website in a browser environment. We want to ensure all deliverables are satisfied (client approval) and that the designs that have been approved have been integrated into the web environment as intented.

Going Live

BZ handle the process of launching your website live to our hosting infrastructure, or the server location of your choice. At this stage there is still work to be done such as setting up API’s for Google Maps, testing web forms, and ensuring page speed is optimal.

Continued support

We believe that a website should never be ‘set and forget’, especially if your business is in a highly competitive environment. We work with you to evolve your website based on business objectives and what the future needs of the business are. We can manage all of your ongoing hosting requirements, our technical expertise in maintaining uptime and speed are second to none.

In Case You Were Wondering....

75% of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design.

It is not a complete surprise the credibility of a company is so strongly tied to the aesthetic presentation of its website. But it’s 2022, and your company's website will portray the quality of your products & services, and even how you treat your customers. As such, the whole user experience from design through to performance and functionality needs to be a slick encounter.

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