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“Set & Forget” Digital Marketing is no longer acceptable strategy


Are you finding it increasingly more of a challenge to manage your own marketing? Or do you have a marketing provider who fails to deliver results, and never calls you?!?


Like anything in this world that achieves great results, it usually starts with through research and preparation followed up with a great execution strategy. Achieving success in SEO, Paid Search Advertising & Social Media Marketing are usually the result of a team of subject matter experts who work collaboratively towards common goals.

In large companies this can be achieved by dedicated internal marketing departments, however for the small to medium business they generally do not have the revenue to attribute to creating dedicated marketing teams- and that’s where leveraging the skills of external specialists and appointing an agency becomes a very important decision.

And your marketing strategy is only 50% of the battle! If your website isn’t set up to tell the right stories and deliver qualified enquiries and conversions, it’s simply a lot of effort, and money, down the drain.

Bravo Zulu have been leading the charge in digital for the last 10 years and have been at the forefront of innovation in the digital arena. We create working partnerships with our clients and immerse ourselves in their business to understand how they tick. This deeper engagement allows us to think independently and execute excellent strategy rather than just wait for instructions from our clients.

If your business is looking for a true partner, who can not only deliver on results and commitments, but will actually pick up the phone and call you, book in a free 60 minute consultation with our strategy team to discuss creating a successful lead generation strategy.


Brands we work with.

Plan, Execute, Measure, Repeat!

Well, in its very simple form they are the fundamentals of what we do to produce true ROI, which IS qualified leads & sales- NOT impressions and clicks!


Our Needs Analysis Workshop is the initial phase to identify who your customers are and what outcomes are most desirable for your business


Our holistic approach ensures that the traffic we attract through advertising does not go to web pages that aren’t going to convert. Our strategies “start with the end in mind”, our 60 minute strategy session explain this in detail.


With agreed plans in place our experts get to work on launching, monitoring and refining all active campaigns to produce the best results possible.


We meet regularly with our clients to present the results of our work along with our suggestions for future work. It is important to also hear what our clients are experiencing at the coal face, so face-to-face meetings are our preferred engagement


Where Do We Position You?

Basically we will fish where the fish are, and the strategies we use are unique for each client. Through our Investigate Phase we identify who your audiences are, then we find where they are searching for the products & services you offer. We help you locate your audience online using Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Google Trends, Facebook Ad Planner and other audience analysis tools.


What we do.


    If you’re looking to maximise your exposure and lead opportunities through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn or YouTube – we work with all of them. Our social media campaigns are designed to utilise the channels that will offer you the best return on your investment by pinpointing where your customers are in their buyers’ journey. Using a data driven approach, we combine research, testing and advanced audience profiling tactics to create a personalised strategy that will bring you quantifiable outcomes that go far beyond vanity metrics.


    Remarketing is an essential component of any digital advertising strategy as it is a cost-effective way of recapturing potential leads at different stages of the buyers’ journey. The more a potential customer is exposed to your brand, the more likely they are to buy from you when they decide to make a purchase. Better conversion rates translate to a faster return on your investment and a lower cost per sale. Combining audience data and dynamic targeting tactics, we capture visitors who are most likely to make a purchase in the immediate to short-term future and store this audience data for ongoing advertising initiatives


    Search engine optimisation is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the number of organic visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the results page of a search engine. We have spent over 10 years evolving with search engine technology – testing and refining our practices to deliver results that have led to an increase in organic traffic and lead activity for our clients that has saved them money on advertising in the long run.


    Partnering your existing online advertising initiatives with timely, relevant and strategic content is a crucial element to creating customer advocacy and building loyal online communities. The customer journey has evolved significantly with the changing digital landscape, with various online channels being used collectively to source information and ultimately influence purchase decisions. We map your customers’ journey through what we call key digital moments to create dynamic, engaging content tailored to serve potential customers information about your product at the right time and place to guide them further down the sales funnel while keeping you top of mind.


    75% of people don’t venture beyond the first page of search engine results making competition to appear at the top of the first page fierce. One of the fastest and most effective ways to get your brand front and centre is with Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising. Combining the right targeting with the right audiences will allow you create sustainable, scalable campaigns that will grow as slow or as fast as you can handle. PPC advertising goes beyond just Google; with various social media platforms offering a low cost-per-click and advanced targeting capabilities that support a multi-channel strategy. Unlike many other agencies who adopt a “set and forget” approach to their PPC campaigns, we test and trial a range of optimisation tactics on a regular basis to ensure your campaign is getting the best possible results.


    Your website is your online shop front and a hugely important sales tool. While having a beautiful, well branded shop front is beneficial, has it been built on a foundation capable of converting new visitors into loyal customers once they walk through the doors? When it comes to creating a highly functional website capable of bringing your business quality leads, our process adopts a data-first approach where we utilise proprietary software tools to analyse data over a 30-day period to determine what is currently working and what’s not to then inform our decisions moving forward. Before the designer, we work with our team of marketers to carry out SEO research to deliver an SEO-friendly site structure and optimised content plan before passing on these mud-maps to the design team. We consider ourselves more than just your supplier, but rather your partners in digital and therefore we keep you involved and informed every step of the way.

What Our Clients Say About Our Work

  • Leading Tough Mudder's paid digital activity Australia-wide, we combine creative strategy with a data-driven approach to deliver highly targeted, engaging content throughout key digital moments of the buyer journey, inspiring meaningful engagements and keeping the brand front of mind.

    Steph, Digital Media Manager
  • Our team developed a custom Wordpress theme that allowed the internal team at BlueSky to produce a variety of pages with different look and feel by utilising the power of Flexible Content. The custom theme is highly refined and optimised for user friendliness and page load speed.

    Thomas, Project Manager
  • Bravo Zulu were engaged in 2013 to develop and launch an ongoing Digital Marketing strategy that would reduce the reliance on Paid Search advertising and foster organic leads.To this day we have achieved 257% increase in organic traffic and saved $100K's in paid search.

    Paul, Account Director

Is Your Website Up To Scratch?

Like many other elements of our life- not all things are created equal, and this rings true for websites.

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BZ bring a true full service agency experience to our clients. We have had over 13 years working in the digital space, before Google was a “thing” and Yellow Pages still reigned supreme. We have watched the evolution take place and responded accordingly with our service outputs to ensure our clients stay as far ahead of their competition as possible.

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